To The Jan Jones Team

, 19 Dec 2014


Rachele, The first home you sold for us was above our expectations. The Principle of the office we had it rented through valued the home $60k below what you achieved for that's amazing.

Andrew and I weren't really surprised that you could produce such amazing results. It's simply your nature.

Our decision was easy because of you, not for any other bells and whistles. As a disability pension card holder I qualified for your 30% discounted commission rate but that was not what swayed our decision to go with you.

You Rachele are the reason both our properties sold so fast and far above our expectations. Our second home was on the market for less than 24 hours and smashed the areas' highest sales record.....well done you!

The gentle manner and approach you have with people is perfect yet your ability to close a sale is outstanding.

Having been in Direct Sales and marketing for 25 years I know the difference between ability and those that are lie-abilities.

You are 100% genuine ability.

We're very proud to recommend you and the jan Jones Team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Rachele.