Heather Was Wonderful

, 24 Aug 2016

From the minute Heather walked in my door, I knew exactly she was the lady who was going to sell my home of 30 years. She just has away about her that I instantly felt like I had known her all my life. My daughter had told me to get in a few agents and Heather was the last and the best. I am a lady who live on my own and the way Heather told me she worked suited me to a tee. I was on the market for 10 days and received a great contract. I would recommend Jan Jones real Estate and in particular Heather . There was no charge for advertising and I was in the paper every week. I dont have a computer but my daughters said my home looked great on their computers. Although it was not really important, the seniors discount Heather gave me was the icing on the cake.

R. Lovett Deception bay